Walnut blasting carbon clean

Walnut blasting engine carbon clean in Sydney

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Walnut blasting carbon clean is a mechanical engine cleaning process designed to address carbon build-up on the intake valves of direct injection engines. Fuel takes a direct route into the combustion chamber, bypassing the intake valves. This efficiency comes at a cost, as the absence of fuel bathing the valves can lead to carbon build-up over time.

Having these parts blocked by the carbon build-up is like trying to run with a blocked nose, a very straining effort for your car.

Walnut blasting rejuvenates the engine's airflow and optimises combustion.
Valves before and after Walnut Blasting Engine Carbon Cleaning in Sydney

Typical symptoms of carbon build-up in the intake valves include:

Some mechanics may mistake these for being a spark fuel compression or vacuum problem, when in fact your engine’s intake valves just need a good reliable clean.

How it works

Day Spa for Your Engine: Walnut Bliss
  • Prep work

    Intake manifold removal: disassemble with care, revealing the intricate chambers where carbon build-up silently hinders performance.

  • Pre-cleaning

    Scrubbing away the past: manually clear debris, employing Scotch-Brite pads for a meticulous, hands-on restoration before the walnut blasting.

  • Walnut blasting

    Precision in particles: walnut blasting unleashes its gentle abrasiveness, whisking away carbon deposits, restoring airflow to the valves, and optimising engine vitality.

  • Reassembling

    A symphony rebuilt: secure components back into place, sealing the renewed energy within. The engine, now revitalised, awaits the road's rhythmic embrace.