Hydrogen engine carbon clean

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Performance and efficiency

Over time, carbon deposits naturally accumulate within crucial engine components, impeding fuel combustion and leading to various inefficient performance issues. This innovative process utilises a potent hydrogen-based solution as a catalyst to effectively remove stubborn carbon deposits, restoring engines to their peak conditions.

How it works

The hydrogen engine carbon clean procedure involves introducing a carefully calibrated amount of the hydrogen solution into the running engine's intake system.

The hydrogen-rich gas enters the combustion chamber and interacts with carbon deposits, resulting in a transformative process called "cracking". This breaks down carbon deposits into smaller particles, dislodging them from vital engine parts such as intake valves, pistons and fuel injectors.
The improved airflow reduces restrictions and enhances fuel atomisation, delivering multiple benefits.

The hydrogen-based cleaning solution's versatility allows it to work seamlessly with various engine types, from petrol to diesel, turbocharged to naturally aspirated, and even hybrid engines.

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